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My name is and I'm Chief Experience Officer and partner at The Cocktail.

The Cocktail is a digital consultancy firm. We create digital products and we help our clients in their digital business needs. You may find us in Madrid, Mexico and Bogotá.

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I've also helped several startups with the definition and design of their digital presence. Some of them turned out to be really succesfull, like Sin Delantal (now JustEat), I Wanna Go There, Actuable (now or Laconicum.

I teach User Experience at IED and I colaborate with other universities and schools in their master programs, like Universidad Pontificia or La Nave Nodriza.

I would have loved to be a street photographer. This is my photo portfolio.

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If you're looking for information regarding Holgado, this is the place.

Holgado is a band I share with two good friends. We play something like "modern folk" songs.

You may want to listen to some of our songs on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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